About Us


We started in October 1984 as a modest liquor store here in northwest Houston. By the late 1980’s, a need was felt for few fine wines to be included in the store. So in the fall of 1990, a small (400 sq. feet) wine room was created in the adjacent place. In 1993, wine tasting started and business grew at a hectic pace; pretty soon that small area was always packed and even difficult to shop at times. Voila! In 1999, we added two more spaces just for the wine room; with 1000 sq. feet of additional display space and 600 sq. feet of additional wine storage space. Party Pantry is not a large store by any standard, but spacious enough to accommodate highly sought after wines, rated by wine spectator, Parker, etc. Weekly tastings, monthly newsletters and annual holiday gift catalogs have become regular highlights for us. Our first web page was created in 1997 and now this site in 2009. We will strive to keep this site updated regularly, including weekly specials, new wines, and related news you can use.

We will always strive to provide you with the best broad and deep selection of wines at a fair price.

Thank you for your visit, come again!


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